No, helmets are provided free of charge for the entire rental period (maximum 2 per motorbike).

You don't need to do anything. 1 day before a delivery date our manager will contact you in addition to confirm a location and time of delivery. In case if you may want to change your booking or cancel it before the delivery - please contact our support at

Yes, you can. We can provide 1 children's helmet upon request.

Yes, it's possible. To do this, please contact our support at

Yes you can. Please contact our team reservation (on whatsapp) for possibility.

Yes, we can install single or double surfracks.

Unfortunately, at this moment this option is unavailable.

Yes, you can. Please contact our support at least 24 hours before the start of the rental term. Raincoats can be provided for an additional fee - Rp. 10,000 per piece for the entire lease term.

Yes, we provide free of charge delivery and pick-up services at your address from our office (within Ubud - near areas) during working hours of MotorBikeRental Bali company - from 9am to 6pm. 

Yes, we can with additional charge.

We still do the delivery at an additional cost in the non-working hours of BikeHouse company. The cost is calculated on the basis of the distance between our office and the customer's address at a rate of Rp. 6,000 or 9,000 / km depending on the requested time (Rp 9,000 or 14,000 / km for motorcycles > = 200cc).

Yes, we can.

Yes, please contact on whatsapp for possibility

No, you can't.

Yes, you can. To rent a scooter it's enough to have a national driving license with any category.

In case of the vehicle lost the BikeHouse company will charge the renter: - if the motorbike less than 6 month old - 50% of the new vehicle value based on a market price only if the renter can return the key and the motorbike documents; - if the motorbike more than 6 month old - 50% of the vehicle value based on an average secondary market price only if the renter can return the key and the motorbike documents; - 100% of the vehicle value based on an average secondary market price if the renter can not return the key and the motorbike documents. To avoid any risk of vehicle lost we recommend to observe simple safety rules: - do not leave motorbike keys in an ignition lock; - do not store documents in the motorbike trunk; - always leave a motorbike on protected paid parking areas.

MotorBikerentalBali company provides bike insurance from any damage for all our motorbikes and motorcycles. For all our cars, we provide standard insurance with a minimal risk for customer. The size of the insurance is renter liability maximum $ 400. The rest of all spending will be covered by the MotorbikeRentalBali company. In case if any damages occur during the rental period the renter is obligated to provide all information about an accident to the company within 24 hours. If all necessary information have not been provided on time the renter will become fully responsible for any accident damage.. In any case if any damages caused to third parties as a result of the incident the renter will be fully responsible to it.

Yes you can

No, you don't need to make a prepayment. We will charge you after a success delivery and a signed agreement.

First of all please make sure you, your passenger or third parties have no serious injuries. Be calm and contact us, describe a current situation. If you need to solve the problems promptly we will help you to talk to the third parties and figure out your next steps. After we cared about your and third parties health and security please send us a photos of damages.

Please, contact our support, describe the situation and send the photo if necessary. !!! It is strictly forbidden to repair the vehicle independently or in any service (including official) without the consent of MotorBikeRental Bali company. The MotorBikeRental Bali company will not pay for repairs carried out without agreement, and will charge the renter 100 usd + the amount of damage incurred.

  According to the terms of the lease agreement, if the helmet is lost, the lessee must pay the cost of the new analog. To replace the helmet, contact the manager.

According to the terms of the rental agreement with MotorBikeRental Bali, if the key is lost, the lessee is obliged to pay the equivalent of 20 USD, in case of loss of the documents - the equivalent of 100 USD.

In order to solve the conflict situation with the police with the least losses, it is always better to contact our support team and let them talk to our representative.

Minimum rental period including deliver service of matic smallest bikes is 5 days, of motorcycles - 3 days. Yes, you can rent a motorbike less than minimal rent period including delivery service, but the cost will be calculated as for the minimum period (3 or 5 days)/you can pick up the motorbike to office and drop of the bike at our office. For such booking please contact our support team.

Yes, you can come to office and choose motorbike there.

It always depends on the motorbike availability and other circumstances. Please contact our support team to discuss any changes.

Yes, you can. Penalties for cancellation of the booking prior to its beginning are not provided.

According to the terms of the rental agreement BikeHouse company is obligated to return the 50% from the remaining term. Cancellation policy doesn't apply in next cases: - if a total rental term has been reduced by 5 or less days; - for all rentals with a total rental term 25 days and more.

Yes, you can return at our office also MotorBikeRental Bali provides a free pick-up service within the during operational hours. Please note that we have to coordinate the pickup time and location and the customer must be in touch 24 hours before the end of the rental term. If the MotorBikeRental Bali crew can not contact the client and determine the location of the vehicle 24 hours before the end of the lease, a police report will be initiated. Warning, this may be a reason of the impossibility to depart from the Bali island.

You have to find some repair shop (press ban).  Flatten tire: You might be hit some nails or other sharp things on the road so it makes your tire flatten. The tire needed to repatch and refill the air. This expenses is on customer. Broken tire: You will see no line mark in the tire and the tire should be ripped. The tire needed to be changed. This expenses will covered by MotorBikeRental Bali.

The possibility of renewal depends on the confirmed bookings and availability of the units after the end of your rental period. Please note that the discount provided at the conclusion of the original booking does not apply to a possible extension.

MotorBikeRental Bali agreement