Terms & Conditions :

Please read carefully next conditions of this rental agreement between the Darma Putra rental company and the renter :

  1. Driving licence with the appropriate category is required for renting a vehicle. Renter must be really proficient in driving a vehicle or had an experience and to be honest.
  2. Minimum rental period is 2 days. We can provide for smaller period but the rental price is 2 days rent. 
  3. Darma Putra Rental company provides Insurance for all our bikes and cars with minimal responsibility for customers. If any accident damage or thievery of motorbike any part of it will be customers own liability up to  US$ 100 for 110cc to 150cc motorbike. US$ 200 for 250cc motorbike. And US$ 350 for cars. 
  4. Easy method renfundable security deposit for motorbike 125cc US$ 20 / IDR 300.000 above 125cc from US$ 30 / IDR 500.000 and for cars US$ 100 / IDR 1.000.000. 
  5. Insurance cover for the stolen vehicle in condition the renter should be able to show the key/remote within 24 hours and make the police report.
  6. In any case if any damages caused to third parties as a result of the incident the renter will be fully responsible to it.
  7. In case if tire (front or rear) is flat because of hitten some nails or other sharp things on the road, renter is obligated to repatch, refill the air and cover expences for it. In case if tire should be ripped and needed to be changed, expenses will covered by Darma Putra.
  8. If the renter returning the vehicle and not following the correctly prosedur and leaving the deposit. The deposit will hold for a month maximum from the beginning contract. Then the deposit is considered forfeited. 
  9. The cancellation fee is 50% from the remaining term. : ( a.) For all monthly rentals , ( b.) No refundable for all daily / weekly rentals.
  10. No refundable for your left petrol.
  11. It is not permitted to drive the vehicle outside the Bali island.
  12. The renter can not give the vehicle to be driven by any other person.
  13. In case of lost helmet, key/remote or document the renter should be responsible for the lost and will be charge | Key lost : US$15, | Remote lost : US$100, | Helmet lost :US$15, | Document lost : US$75
  14. The location for free delivery and pick up is within Ubud– near areas. Consult us if out of Ubud area : Canggu, Kuta, Jimbaran, Sanur or not on our working hours with addiotional charge.
  15. Minimum rental period for delivery and pick up of our bikes is 5 days for 110-125cc & 3 days for above 150cc . We provide for shorter period but renter have to pick up and return bike at our office. 
  16. Delivery and pick up outside our free area (Ubud) additional charge Rp 6.000/KM for motorbike and car. 
  17. In case of the renter violate this agreement condition, Darma Putra  Company has the right to pick up the vehicle immediately and bring to legal law that apply in Indonesia.
  18. In case of the vehicle lost and renter can't return key. The Darma Putra rental company will charge the renter 50% of the new vehicle value based on a market price. 
  19. The Darma Putra rental company is not liable to damage, loss, injury, and death sustained by the hirers riding the motorbikes or there pillion riders and other people involved in accidents. 
  20. The Darma Putra rental company is not liable for failure to perform our obligation caused by issues beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to act of God, power failure, fire, flood, epidemic disease, war, riot, eartquake and terrorism. The Darma Putra rental company is not liable to any illegal conduct or actions against the law of the Republic of Indonesia.