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  • Feb 14, 2018, Category: Motor


    It is very convenient to search for gas stations in Google maps. Enter the word PertaminA and see the nearest gas stations on the map.

    The name of gasoline:

    • ??Pertamax is equivalent to an Al-92 blue gun
    • ??Pertamax plus - equivalent to an Al-95 red gun
    • ??Pertamax turbo - equivalent to Al-98 red gun

    You can pour any of these.

    You can also find PertaMini gas stations in Bali.

    This column for 2 types of gasoline is usually around some kind of stall. This option is more expensive than at a regular gas station and the quality of gasoline is unknown.

    § DO NOT refill bottles sold on the road. The quality of gasoline can be terrible, gasoline gets diluted with water and anything. And as we know, water and other impurities are harmful to the engine. The bike may not start again after refueling with this fuel.